• Entrepreneurial Governance

    We help organisations making their decision process fully digital.

  • What We Do

    A Distributed Ledger Technology FinTech for Corporate Governance.

    Digital share register

    Register and shareholder go digital.

    Each owner has share dashboard and can manage internal transactions.

    Signing and Voting

    Make all your decisions legally binding.

    Each user can initiate, vote and sign company resolutions.

    For each governance body

    The company implements the shareholder meetings, board meetings, executive committees and more.

    Each user can identify in his role within the company.

    Proof of Interaction

    All proofs of interaction are registered on a public blockchain.

    Only the company retains its data confidentially and any stakeholder can see its existence.

  • At the center of financial Europe

    "Eurozone’s leading financial centre and the second largest investment fund location in the world."


    At STAMPIFY, we believe in a fast growth based a solid collaborations.

    the LHoFT

    The Luxembourg House of Financial Technologu


    A venture for a new blockchain protocol.

    Luxembourg ICT Cluster

    "LUXINNOVATION Trusted Partner for Business"

  • All about the team

    Over a century of expertise.

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Co-Founder and CTO

    Corporate Governance Researcher

    Advisor & Chief Product Officer

    Advisor & President of ADAE
    Author of Governance publications

    Advisor & Professor
    of Finance

    Advisor & Attorney-At-Law

    Advisor & Sustainable Fintech
    Ecosystem Builder

    Advisor & Financial & Capital
    Market IT Specialist

  • Mobile Governance

    "Do not raise your hand,

    Vote with your finger print."

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    Launching soon. Tell us your governance pains and you will make gains.

    9 Rue du Laboratoire, 1911 Luxembourg